Karasu, me and Halloween Girl – oo1

I drew this one at the beginning of the year inspired by a conversation I had with another Karasu fangirl – this is her original character named Halloween Girl with me and Karasu here. I decided to call it “Crow Groupies” cos we both love Karasu so much, and my brothers told me once to think of him like an actor with the other fangirls like groupies {cos Karasu is so real to me, so that’s why my brothers came up with this concept}, which was inspired by Togashi’s AU doujinshi after the series where the guys were all actors for YYH which was one of the original plot twist endings – we also have our own doujinshi in the works inspired by that {and Once Upon A Time, where the actors don’t quite remember their real selves yet}, although I’m also busy with original webcomic ideas too, so not sure when, or if, we’ll ever get around to it, hehe {that’s the one where Karasu’s actor’s name is Eric Hoshino inspired by Brandon Lee from The Crow that I mentioned before, and Kurama’s actor starts off as his boyfriend before I’m in the picture for Eric/Karasu after he gains his memories back – prompting a confused Kurama’s actor to break things off with Eric/Karasu, cos, you know . . . Karasu’s trying to kill him again and all that jazz}. =^.^= πŸ’œ

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