This is for PaperDemon’s week-long challenge; the prompt is, “Dream, or nightmare” – this is a nightmare I had when I was young. . . there was a circle of raven-headed robed figures passing around a crystal ball. . . I was paralyzed as I watch them pass it around. . . when it came my turn to hold the crystal ball, I woke up in terror. :<

Vietnam Brothel – wip

For PaperDemon’s week-long challenge – I drew Kiriko in a Vietnam brothel; I imagine Kiriko to be a very sexual being, but here we see him in a melancholy mood, shortly after losing his eye. All the sketches of Kiriko and Yuri I’ve done for the challenge thus far have been in a sepia-tone, but I chose a blue tone for this one to reflect Kiriko feeling blue. He’s supposed to be looking out at the rain {another reason I chose blue}.

Annoying – wip

The fourth prompt and day of PaperDemon’s week-long challenge – I redrew a scene from the manga where Yuri and Kiriko are arguing with one another, when Yuri asked Black Jack to help save Kiriko’s life from the amoeba that he had; Kiriko is such a strong advocate for Death that he was willing to die all alone away from society, but Yuri wouldn’t let him.

2009: Enary

This is my favourite member of Lordi named Enary; she was part of the original line-up. πŸ’œ At 19, I thought Enary, Awa also from Lordi, Amy Lee of Evanescence and Pris Stratton from Blade Runner were the greatest things ever; all four of them inspired me and my character designs at the time – this led me to being interested in gothic lolita fashion {Mary Weather from Godchild also inspired my interest in gothic lolita, now that I think about it}. :3 πŸ’œ