Playing the Role

My personal character, Sha Amaranth {Agate in older versions}, as “Marie Pearl” . . . I don’t remember much about this, or who “Marie Pearl” was supposed to be, but my character was supposed to be into acting at one point, and this was a role of theirs. I do remember the blonde wig and dress were heavily inspired by Enary from Lordi, with a bit of influence of Awa from Lordi, and Amy Lee from Evanescence. 💜

Proud Couple

Rosalinda Lillian and Connell Johnson, a couple who work together at the Knight Academy in Seasonal Wanderers. This is the two of them at a party, I imagine it being a Christmas party cos of the colours they’re wearing together. =^.^= 💜 Although that was unintentional, as I just wanted to put Connell in the CTM official colours being green and yellow. :3