Saint Nicholas Eve ~ Renie Baker

Renie Baker is one of the elves in our stories; she’s the younger sister of Cynthia, an elf-witch; and Skye, who is also a magician-warrior. Renie is one of the younger characters in the story, and is close in age to Leif Wood, another elf-child in our stories; whom is the younger brother of Bartholomew.

Renie has an affectionate fancy for Robert, a charming youth who lives on the nearby farm with his family, and who is always running about; helping everyone in their peaceful, little village of Forest, Celestialwood. ❀

The older children and parents like to scare Renie and Leif about the tale of Krampus who will steal them away if they misbehave! Renie, being less mischievous and more well-behaved than Leif, is fairly confident this won’t happen to her, however. ^.^

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