Amy and Leopold

{Written December, 2013}

Le Jour De Père Heureux!♡

This is Amy, and her father Léopold. They are both in the story we’re currently writing, and should be published by next Autumn. . . For real, as I know we’ve said it so many times before. ^^;

So, the sketch for this was done upon Father’s Day, and I wrote a short story to go along with it, however, it isn’t posted because of a couple spoilers contained within the story. :giggle:

My Mom read the short story, and she really liked it. :blush: That made me happy, because I’m actually very shy and insecure about sharing my writings . . . I prefer to write with my siblings, and close friend, really. :aww:

I only recently coloured this, and followed an old tutorial by an artist I admire . . . It was very nice to be able to try another method, and I find this way, I colour more quickly, which is very good for character illustrations, and pages, as my more-usual style of painting takes forever. ^^;

So I’m glad for this method. :)

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