A Rose By Any Other Name …

{Written in 2014}

… Would Smell Just As Sweet.

It is in the soul that our hearts lie. :heart:

This is Leopold, known as Lord Florel in society. He leads a rather solitary life in his mansion away from the townsfolk, where he resides with his daughter, and two menservants. In spite of his cold, isolated nature, Leopold has an intricately hidden ideal of true love for a soul mate, which stems from a deep secret he has kept within his heart for years. He has a strong belief that the heart and soul are far more important than the physical, to the point it bares an almost obsessive nature in him.

Leopold is in our first story, and was created the Autumn of 2006; prior to us tying three separate tales together into one series. Aahh, I still remember those first days of playing in the yard, and coming up with tales of the occult with Samhain close at hand! Each of our stories have a strong Gothic-Dark Fantasy element to them.

Lord Florel is a personal favourite among my art team, and strangely enough, this has led to hours worth of debate over his history, and interactions with other characters. ^^; In the end, however, it would seem Leopold has helped to write himself! He is an extraordinarily strong-willed man, after all! ;P

Interesting tidbit – Micky recently read The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde for the first time over Christmas, and he said that he couldn’t help imagining Leopold in the role of Dorian. I’ll have to read it myself soon. I have seen artistic interpretations of Dorian, and he does resemble Leopold quite a bit. =)

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