This is Amy, I am entering her in PaperDemon’s art RPG. Here are her stats, and bio:

Character Name: Amy Belle Florel.
Character Age: 13-16 physically.
Character Species:  Vampyress.
Hair colour: Pale rose red.
Eye colour: Emerald green.

Amy was born to Marie and Sebastian Belle, with a twin sister named Emily. Both her parents and Emily died from the flu when she was very young. Amy was then adopted by Leopold Florel, and raised as his own daughter. Sometime in her early teen years, Leopold was infected with vampyrism which he passed onto Amy, forever changing her. Leopold became even more protective of Amy after their transformation; thus, Amy has lived somewhat of a sheltered life. Amy had a mother figure named Doctor Carnation Lily, who adopted Amy after Leopold’s supposed “death” – when Leopold returned from the grave, a strange dynamic and rivalry began between her two adoptive parents; who both loved Amy, and both practiced medicine. Amy appears in several of our graphic novel webcomics, and will be making her debut within the next couple of years. Until then, Amy has begun her own adventure in the PaperDemon universe!