Ashes to Ashes

Prompt #3 – Stasis

You step onto the balcony, careful not to trip over the mess of wires running across the floor.

Not one single person arrived to greet you when you first came through the portal. You haven’t seen a soul for hours. Everything seems to be in working order– computers humming away and all the lights on. If this place was abandoned, it was abandoned recently.

You look out through the viewing window.

It takes you a long moment to decipher what you’re seeing.

Electricity crackles across a massive form, stasis keeping it captive and half suspended in midair. It hardly fits in the multistory room it’s enclosed in. You can’t even tell how they got it in there in the first place.

Then its eye opens.

One word draws out of the creature’s mouth, low and echoing. It vibrates through you as if it wasn’t only just sound.

It’s your name.

~ * ~

This is Amy with an alien inspired by David Bowie’s “Ashes to Ashes” music video for PaperDemon’s art RPG Halloween challenge.

Joyeux anniversaire Leopold

Today is the French vampyre’s birthday. ♡ This is a #fbf to Christmas, 2013 – I’m surprised I didn’t already have it posted, and came across it by accident yesterday when I was looking for the Thanksgiving 2013 artwork of Mitchi for #tbt. This is Leopold with his young wife: Christabel is an alternate name for Alexandria “Sha” Amaranth, when I wasn’t sure I wanted to share my real name with my personal character, you see. This art piece was inspired by the Phantom of the Opera otome/visual novel romance game, since one of the heroine Christine’s lovers look like Leopold. ;3 ♡

I’d also like to submit this to PaperDemon’s OC-tober art challenge for the prompt, “In love”. =^.^= ♡

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at CTM!

#tbt #HappyThanksgiving – my brothers and I once changed the name of our art group to Silver Gate Forest for a few years before going back to Celestial Time Miracles – in any case, enjoy this art piece from 2013 for #Thanksgiving of Mitchi “Apple” Applewaite serving an apple pie; her love interest, Viktor Amaranth, calls her “Apple”. :3 ♡ What are you thankful for, my dear art friends? I’m thankful for family, friends and being part of a great art community with @paperdemon. =^.^= ♡♡♡

Wildflower - Alexandria's Art Blog

{Written Thanksgiving, 2013}

I started this when Robert went to work this morning, and finished colouring it just as dinner was set. Robert wasn’t able to be with us, because of work, so this one is dedicated to Robert. :heart:

Robert got home a little while ago thankfully, and Micky and I will join him for another dinner to keep him company; the three of us are the best of friends. ♡

The girl is named Michaela Aimee “Mitchi” Applewaite, and is from one of our Gothic novels that we’ve been writing for over a decade. She was the very first original character I ever created, dating back to 1998.

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Pet Fox

This is David Ravenson and Kagemitsu {Jung Sha-Mina} with Ruby, who is David’s pet fox. Kage, a ninja and thief, is undercover here as a maid working for the Ravensons – David doesn’t realise this, and comes to fall in love with the young maid {Kage returns his feelings, despite her mission}. This was initially for PaperDemon’s OC-tober prompt, “An OC with a pet” – it took me a long time to finish this, since I was also working on other art pieces and busy with appointments in my personal life.

Happy Christmas

I drew this for Christmas, 2016. This is David Ravenson and his pet fox, Ruby. They’re characters in my upcoming webcomic, Soul of Eternity, which I hope I’ll be publishing online within this decade. Ravenson is a homage to The Cars drummer, David Robinson, who I am in touch with over fb thanks to my fanpage dedicated to his music and art, while Ruby is inspired by my favourite Pokemon, Vulpix. :3 ♡

Edit – August 21st, 2021 – I found this description from my old art blog:

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! n.n ♡

Featuring David Ravenson, and his red vixen, Ruby. They both appear much later on in one of my webcomics, Soul of Eternity.

He is totally not a drummer, and she is totally not a fire type Pokémon. ;P

+WIP pix:

Happy Friday the 13th

So I drew Leopold with his rapier for deviantART’s Arcade Week, following the art tutorial on line weight – Leopold has his dominant hand uplifted with his rapier closer to the viewer, so I added thicker lines there. {Basically the art tutorial says you go for thicker lines when it’s closer to you, and thinner lines if it’s further away.} If his rapier looks familiar, that’s cos it is – that’s Flambert from Soul Calibur, belonging to Raphael whom Leopold is a homage to. I listened to Sting & The Police while working on this, since Sting is also a visual inspiration for Leopold. ♡

Also – Happy Friday the 13th!, which has always been a lucky day for me and my Bros. :3 ♡

Master of the Dark Arts

This is simply for PaperDemon’s OC-tober prompt: “In a halloween costume”, and cos our OC Leopold and John Constantine are both visually inspired by Sting aside from having some similarities, like they both are skilled in dark magic hence the title, and married to women much younger than themselves.

I drew most of this today while hanging out with Miriam-chan; we get together every Monday to draw and hangout.

I wanted to keep it simple, but added more shadows after Micky’s input that Leopold’s shoulders were small – although he did point out that Leopold is effeminine, and I was using a photo of Matt Ryan, who plays Constantine on TV {and who is a bit small himself tbh} for reference, and his shoulders *were* slouched, so… *shrug*

Now I’m thinking his head and features are a bit big, but oh well. . . this was a quick drawing – most of it is cropped out if I’m honest, since it didn’t look good, heh.

Amy’s fire

Tbh I drew this for deviantART’s Magic Week; Monday’s prompt was an art tutorial on drawing fire, so I was inspired by that, as well as decided I’ll draw our OC Amy using magic for PaperDemon’s OC-tober prompt, “Your OC casting a spell or using magic”. 

I used a combination of Clip Studio Paint Pro {which keeps crashing on me…} and Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 {which I resort to cos the other one keeps crashing on me…} – the background is a preset bg from Clip Studio Paint Pro.