Belle-mere’s Life-day

Amy Belle Florel (redhead) with her ‘belle-mere’ (French for ‘stepmum’ – Amy is French American), Sha Pris Amaranth Florel (who is my main avatar in the Tealight universe). Today happens to be my 31st life-day, shared with my avatar who also has the same name and everything as I do~ 💖 

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So the sketch comes from my 2016 sketchbook based on a photo-manip of Emilie Autumn and Amy Lee from Evanescence (my role model), and was coloured in Clip Studio Paint Pro with final touches done in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 at Micky’s suggestion I don’t be afraid to “go darker with the shadows” – I used to use this ‘technique’ in Photoshop when I did my gothic inspired artwork in 2009, then from 2010 onwards I had gone for more of a ‘pastel look’ . . . think I wanna go back to the gothic look, as our stories are dark in nature as gothic novels are. So thankyou very much, Micky! :3 💖