Sha for the PaperDemon Art RPG

This is my second OC for the PaperDemon Art RPG (she’s me as a cartoon character).

Character Name: Alexandria “Sha” Pris Amaranth.

Character Age: 30.

Character Species: Human-faerie hybrid.

Hair colour: Changes colours with wash-out dyes; however, the base colour is bleached blonde with dark roots.

Eye colour: Amber brown.

Sha was born to Donna and Heath Amaranth in Ireland before moving to the East Wood Island of the Wood Islands archipelago, where fae folk are common among humans. Sha herself is descended from Irish faeries through her mother, inheriting a healing ability that has led her to become a nurse at the police station where her two brothers work. Her long-time suitor, Steven Gayle, a former boyfriend of hers, is forever by her side, even through her various relationships with bad men, which seem to be her preferred type. Sha eventually marries Leopold Florel, unaware that he and his adoptive daughter, Amy, are vampyres. While Sha is one of three stars in our main story in our upcoming webcomic universe, here she joins her stepdaughter in the Paperverse!

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