Steven at Sunset

My SI, Sha’s first boyfriend, Steven, at sunset – I drew this around Christmastime 2018, using Steven’s Sim for reference, from The Sims 4, I think. I have a lot of Sims 4 screenshots of our OCs. Too bad I can’t play it anymore; my laptop is outdated. Maybe I should try out my new work laptop? It might work there… Hm.

Anyway, I laughed when people recognised Steven’s Android 17 influence on Discord. I had shown a WIP there as I worked on him on Saturday during the community meetup at PaperDemon, where I work for now. I had also livestreamed working on this art piece, as well, and finished another WIP of Steven’s vampyre past life, James, which I’ll save for Halloween.

I don’t know what else to say – I just really love Steven, okay?! πŸ§‘

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