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Sha for the PaperDemon Art RPG

This is my second OC for the PaperDemon Art RPG (she’s me as a cartoon character).

Character Name: Alexandria “Sha” Pris Amaranth.

Character Age: 30.

Character Species: Human-faerie hybrid.

Hair colour: Changes colours with wash-out dyes; however, the base colour is bleached blonde with dark roots.

Eye colour: Amber brown.

Sha was born to Donna and Heath Amaranth in Ireland before moving to the East Wood Island of the Wood Islands archipelago, where fae folk are common among humans. Sha herself is descended from Irish faeries through her mother, inheriting a healing ability that has led her to become a nurse at the police station where her two brothers work. Her long-time suitor, Steven Gayle, a former boyfriend of hers, is forever by her side, even through her various relationships with bad men, which seem to be her preferred type. Sha eventually marries Leopold Florel, unaware that he and his adoptive daughter, Amy, are vampyres. While Sha is one of three stars in our main story in our upcoming webcomic universe, here she joins her stepdaughter in the Paperverse!

Sha & Amy – Art Commissions by Alexa

I saw my good friend, Alexa, was open for art commissions on Twitter, and decided to commission her to draw my SI, Sha, and my fictional stepdaughter, Amy. I’m very happy with them! Alexa has an unique and gorgeous art style, as well as is an absolute doll to work with. =^w^= 💚

(This is actually my first time commissioning someone to do artwork for me, before this has just been art requests and trades, etc.)

Here are the sketches and line art WIP pieces:

And the time lapses of Alexa working on each piece!

Up first is Amy:

And then there’s Sha:

2020: Hidehiko Hoshino x me by Miriam

For White Day (a second Valentine’s Day in Japan on March 14th) 2020, my good friend, Miriam, drew me and my crush from BUCK-TICK, Hidehiko Hoshino, based on a dream she had of us. I call him Hidebear, and I go by Yuri-kun (particularly as a cosplayer, since I cosplay a boy most of the time, also named Yuri), while my other family pet name Nabi is on my blouse.

Scanned version:

2018: Secret Santa – Karasu x me by Susie

So, on PaperDemon most years, we have the Secret Santa art exchange… Susie aka BogusRed got me in 2018, and my request was me x Karasu from Yu Yu Hakusho, who I was really in love with at the time. She decided to go with me removing Karasu’s mask for the first time to see his face, and him being unsure of whether he can trust me or not.

A Birthday Tribute to Steven (4th June 2o1o)

I made this 11 years ago for Steven’s birthday, featuring characters associated with him like Android 17, Hwoarang/Iron, Yun-seong, etc. and I’m his girl, Seong Mi-Na! 💚 

 My penname at the time was Saria Necile aka Sallie for short, as a sort of play off of how my friends called me Allie short for Alexandria, my birth name. 

 A fun coincidence is that one of our songs is “I think we’re alone now” by Tiffany, and later we dedicated “Kiss you all over” by Exile to one another to eventually find out that Tiffany covered it! 😀

Karasu x me – o20

~* Added the reference image to this sketch of me and Karasu. *~

Wildflower - Allie-Sha's Art Blog

Oh, I almost forgot this one from last September. I was writing a YYH doujinshi last year, when Karasu started haunting me {oddly enough, Karasu wasn’t even in my story, either}, where I was a cross-dressing waiter at a Japanese café, inspired by the ones I used to read about in Shojo Beat as a bisexual teenaged tomboy {I was also going through my androgynous “they” phase when I was writing this doujinshi early last year} – so, when the YYH anime café came out where the guys were all waiters, I had to draw me and Karasu together! Still very much a WIP, but okay, I’ll get around to finishing it one of these days, I’m sure . . . 💜

Edit – September 18th, 2021:

Here’s the doujinshi (I think) image that I used for reference here (nope, don’t know who these characters or, or what series they’re…

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