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Miriam-chan meets Sha by LunarArtist

Here goes one of my favorite art pieces by my friend Sha or LunarArtist, it’s pretty much Miriam “Miriam-chan” Holliman (original character of mine) meeting Sha Amaranth (personal character of my friend), it’s such a sweet art piece that came into fruition by a really interesting conversation. One of many really interesting conversations… *laughs* Now […]

Miriam-chan meets Sha by LunarArtist

I drew this at my friend’s request as a reward for correctly guessing video game references in an old MQ art piece. 🙃

Secret Santa ’20 For Arkillian Dragon

This is SO belated – and I apologise for that!! I had mental health struggles come up in December, med adjustments and everything else, but I had a lot of fun working on this during my art study session today with my dear friend, Miriam. This is for ArkillianDragon; she requested her OC Silvyr Rose doing something “Christmassy”, so here he is underneath the mistletoe! 😘

Eternal Flame

Happy Halloween! 🎃

This art piece is a gift-art for my brother, Micky, whose birthday is October 27th: the vampyress Amy with her grim reaper sweetheart and mentor, Micky. 💗🎉

Amy’s latent element for the PaperDemon art RPG is fire, as she was taught by Micky who is also a fire magician – she feels empowered being able to use magic, and loves spending time with her mentor who she loves deeply. {I’m also entering this in OC-tober on PaperDemon for the prompt, “Your OC with another OC”.} 🔥

I used a combination of Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 to work on this illustration; the background comes from Clip Studio Paint’s preset backgrounds. 🎨

The title “Eternal Flame” comes from a song that was featured in our new favourite show Lucifer, as sang by Tom Ellis, originally by The Bangles. 🔥😈

Good Enough – Commission for Harper

This is officially my first art commission ever! I was commissioned by my dear friend, Harper, and allowed to pick which characters of theirs I wanted to draw – I chose Masahiro and Muidemi who are a married couple in their webcomic, Matriarch. =^.^= 🧡

My wonderful brother, Micky, helped me with the anatomy, hehe; so thankyou, Mikau dude!! :3

The title comes from the Evanescence love song, “Good Enough”, which I chose as Harper wanted a “soft and romantic” scene. 🧡