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Karasu for Secret Santa 2021

I drew my Honeycrow for my mutual, Cryptid, as part of the YYH-Revival Secret Santa event this year! πŸ’š I used a mixture of Karasu from new official game artwork and Atsushi “Acchan” Sakurai from BUCK-TICK for reference here – me and my twin, Micky, believe Karasu was inspired by early ’90s Acchan, as B-T were manga models in their downtime! Plus masks, kink, and crows are Acchan’s ‘thing’, too.

Sunday Memories: K2 for Secret Cupid 2018

Wowie, I thought I had lost this! Tis Kurama and Kuronue from Yu Yu Hakusho, or “K2” as me and Micky call them! πŸ˜€ I recovered an old blog that had this though, fortunately, and just came across it purely by chance! πŸ’š

I barely remember working on this, but you can see tis traditional, mixed media, and from the notes I wrote, evidently I was very late with delivering this, due to being sick from trial-and-error with new medication (first time I had ever been medicated, but I’m not going to go over that right now, if ever – ironic given my struggles with meds this year… *sigh*).

Anyway, I love K2! They’re awesome friends I get to hang out with in my fun dreams, hehe. =^.^= πŸ’š So I was happy to draw them for the YYH Secret Cupid on Tumblr.

Miriam-chan meets Sha by LunarArtist

Here goes one of my favorite art pieces by my friend Sha or LunarArtist, it’s pretty much Miriam β€œMiriam-chan” Holliman (original character of mine) meeting Sha Amaranth (personal character of my friend), it’s such a sweet art piece that came into fruition by a really interesting conversation. One of many really interesting conversations… *laughs* Now […]

Miriam-chan meets Sha by LunarArtist

I drew this at my friend’s request as a reward for correctly guessing video game references in an old MQ art piece. πŸ™ƒ

Secret Santa ’20 For Arkillian Dragon

This is SO belated – and I apologise for that!! I had mental health struggles come up in December, med adjustments and everything else, but I had a lot of fun working on this during my art study session today with my dear friend, Miriam. This is for ArkillianDragon; she requested her OC Silvyr Rose doing something “Christmassy”, so here he is underneath the mistletoe! πŸ˜˜

Eternal Flame

Happy Halloween! πŸŽƒ

This art piece is a gift-art for my brother, Micky, whose birthday is October 27th: the vampyress Amy with her grim reaper sweetheart and mentor, Micky. πŸ’—πŸŽ‰

Amy’s latent element for the PaperDemon art RPG is fire, as she was taught by Micky who is also a fire magician – she feels empowered being able to use magic, and loves spending time with her mentor who she loves deeply. {I’m also entering this in OC-tober on PaperDemon for the prompt, “Your OC with another OC”.} πŸ”₯

I used a combination of Clip Studio Paint and Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 to work on this illustration; the background comes from Clip Studio Paint’s preset backgrounds. 🎨

The title “Eternal Flame” comes from a song that was featured in our new favourite show Lucifer, as sang by Tom Ellis, originally by The Bangles. πŸ”₯😈

Good Enough – Commission for Harper

This is officially my first art commission ever! I was commissioned by my dear friend, Harper, and allowed to pick which characters of theirs I wanted to draw – I chose Masahiro and Muidemi who are a married couple in their webcomic, Matriarch. =^.^= πŸ§‘

My wonderful brother, Micky, helped me with the anatomy, hehe; so thankyou, Mikau dude!! :3

The title comes from the Evanescence love song, “Good Enough”, which I chose as Harper wanted a “soft and romantic” scene. πŸ§‘

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone at CTM!

{Written Thanksgiving, 2013}

I started this when Robert went to work this morning, and finished colouring it just as dinner was set. Robert wasn’t able to be with us, because of work, so this one is dedicated to Robert. :heart:

Robert got home a little while ago thankfully, and Micky and I will join him for another dinner to keep him company; the three of us are the best of friends. β™‘

The girl is named Michaela Aimee “Mitchi” Applewaite, and is from one of our Gothic novels that we’ve been writing for over a decade. She was the very first original character I ever created, dating back to 1998.