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A Birthday Tribute to Steven (4th June 2o1o)

I made this 11 years ago for Steven’s birthday, featuring characters associated with him like Android 17, Hwoarang/Iron, Yun-seong, etc. and I’m his girl, Seong Mi-Na! πŸ’š 

 My penname at the time was Saria Necile aka Sallie for short, as a sort of play off of how my friends called me Allie short for Alexandria, my birth name. 

 A fun coincidence is that one of our songs is β€œI think we’re alone now” by Tiffany, and later we dedicated β€œKiss you all over” by Exile to one another to eventually find out that Tiffany covered it! πŸ˜€

One More Night (versions 1 & 2) – Sakon-kun x Kage (Soul Calibur/Soul of Eternity)

So… in 2015, I made this greyscale vid of Sakon-kun and Ukon-san fighting Tira and her partner, with snippets of my OC, Kage, from Soul Calibur IV.

I kept this video private/unlisted on my channel since then, until just this morning I decided it’d be cool to put it on Tiktok (for some random reason – been in a Sakon-kun mood lately), and I edited it to have my favourite effect being “Neon” (makes it all rainbow-y/rave-y).

Here’s version 1 and version 2, as seen on YouTube:

Which one do you like better? Do you prefer something with colour, or do you enjoy the noir style of greyscale videos?

Funny thing about that, my Gramma, bless her soul in Heaven, said she always dreamt in black and white like the movies she’d watch.

Thanks for watching! πŸ’š

Belle-mere’s Life-day

Amy Belle Florel (redhead) with her β€˜belle-mere’ (French for ‘stepmum’ – Amy is French American), Sha Pris Amaranth Florel (who is my main avatar in the Tealight universe). Today happens to be my 31st life-day, shared with my avatar who also has the same name and everything as I do~ πŸ’– 

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I recorded a speedpaint video which you may watch here:

So the sketch comes from my 2016 sketchbook based on a photo-manip of Emilie Autumn and Amy Lee from Evanescence (my role model), and was coloured in Clip Studio Paint Pro with final touches done in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 at Micky’s suggestion I don’t be afraid to “go darker with the shadows” – I used to use this ‘technique’ in Photoshop when I did my gothic inspired artwork in 2009, then from 2010 onwards I had gone for more of a ‘pastel look’ . . . think I wanna go back to the gothic look, as our stories are dark in nature as gothic novels are. So thankyou very much, Micky! :3 πŸ’–

Kiss me, I’m Irish

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! πŸ€ Sha is part Irish through her mum, and is French kissing her boyfriend, Milton, here (she has French blood too from both parents on that note).

I recorded a speedpaint art video which you can watch here:Β

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The music in the art video is “Stargazing by the Ocean”, a seashore song (that means part of it is ocean sounds) composed by my best friend, Matthew Villani, known as AltoonaYourPiano on YouTube in a similar style to “Mama’s Dream”, the song I used in my last art video. You can listen to the whole song here:

This art piece and the art video is in memory of Matt’s mom, Patricia “Patty” Villani (who was named after Saint Patrick btw!). She was like a second mama to me, and called me “Sweet Allie”. God bless her beautiful heart and soul in Heaven. πŸ™πŸ»

Milton x Sha 2

Milton and Sha from MQ again! This was drawn back when I was really into Gothic Lolita fashion in my late teens. =^.^= πŸ’š Going to be going through my old sketches and colouring them! 

Sha’s curls here are inspired by Mikaila from the gothic manga Godchild by Kaori Yuki who along with Ayami Kojima is a big influence on me and my brothers’ art styles. What’s funny is that last night Micky said this looks like him/Viktor and Amy… he’s right! πŸ˜†

I recorded a speedpaint art video which you can watch here:

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The music in the art video is “Mama’s Dream” composed by my best friend, Matthew Villani, known as AltoonaYourPiano on YouTube inspired by his mother’s dream. You can listen to the whole song here:

The art video and this art piece is dedicated to Matt’s mom, Patricia “Patty” Villani. All my love and prayers to her. πŸ™πŸ»

Milton x Sha

So this is Milton Roy Fury, an officer, and Sha Pris Amaranth, a nurse, who are both in MQ, an upcoming Gothic/Dark Fantasy Adventure graphic novel webcomic by my art team, Celestial Time Miracles. Milton and Sha share a bond – Sha’s brother, Robert, who is Milton’s partner on the force, says they’re “a match made in Hell”! 

I originally sketched this in August 2015 for a contest about “Love”, and I wrote, “”Commitment means staying loyal to what you said you were going to do, long after the mood you said it in has left you.” That’s what Love means to me.” Today I am submitting it to deviantART’s Valentine’s Day card event to earn the special new badge.

I recorded me shading this while I worked, which you can watch here:Β

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The music in the speedpaint video is “Love Theme” from my most favourite film, Blade Runner, composed by Vangelis. Milton and Sha get their middle names and have some inspiration from Roy Batty and Pris!

Rest in peace, Rutger Hauer. He brought Roy to life.


Sakon of the Eternity clan, a group of chivalrous ninja-thieves, from my story, Soul of Eternity, inspired by my old Soul Calibur fanfic novel series.

Edit – August 24th, 2021 – I found these WIP art pieces of Sakon-kun in my art folders:

So… as you can see, Sakon-kun started off with black hair – this is cos the Sakon he is adapted from in Soul Calibur IV has black hair, but as I was working on this art piece, I became inspired by Hidehiko Hoshino of BUCK-TICK (who resembles SCIV Sakon, and dyes his hair chestnut brown), and Sam Winchester from Supernatural (who is a brunette too) – these were my two crushes at the time I was rewriting my SC fanfics into an original series, so you get the picture of where I was coming from…

I was going to give Sakon-kun the name “Jared” after Sam’s actor, Jared Padalecki, when my art group was initially going to take my SC fanfics and rewrite them into a sorta crossover with our main graphic novel webcomic series (MQ is it’s project name for now; also known as Seasonal Wanderers at one point too), so the modern day Sakon-kun would’ve been named “Jared” with “Sakon” being his codename, kinda like how Sha-mitsu/Sha-Mina’s codename is Kagemitsu in the Manji/Eternity clan, but this was all retconned when we came to an agreement that my SC fanfics didn’t work in the modern day for… reasons.

The Japanese-style background behind Sakon-kun in one of the WIP art pieces came from the J-Pop channel on an internet radio I’d listen to all the time that Summer, and the cherry blossoms in the background in the final piece came from a photograph I traced and coloured over that me or Micky took when we were at the annual cherry blossom festival.

Here’s the speed-paint video I did of the initial version of this art piece, for those who are curious and want to see more: