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Karasu x me – o20

~* Added the reference image to this sketch of me and Karasu. *~

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Oh, I almost forgot this one from last September. I was writing a YYH doujinshi last year, when Karasu started haunting me {oddly enough, Karasu wasn’t even in my story, either}, where I was a cross-dressing waiter at a Japanese café, inspired by the ones I used to read about in Shojo Beat as a bisexual teenaged tomboy {I was also going through my androgynous “they” phase when I was writing this doujinshi early last year} – so, when the YYH anime café came out where the guys were all waiters, I had to draw me and Karasu together! Still very much a WIP, but okay, I’ll get around to finishing it one of these days, I’m sure . . . 💜

Edit – September 18th, 2021:

Here’s the doujinshi (I think) image that I used for reference here (nope, don’t know who these characters or, or what series they’re…

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Thanks for 1k hits!

My art blog is officially over the 1k marker! 🥳

Remember – whoever’s the first to send me a screen shot of my hits at around 1k wins my first ‘Kiriban’ (free art request) – same guidelines as my art commission infos on my homepage. =^.^=

One small update too, I added my Weibo to my links page.

Also, a bit of good news: the hurricane-turned-tropical storm went East and hit our neighbouring state instead, so we just got rain and winds over the weekend. Such a relief to not lose power – thankyou, God! 🙏🏻

And thankyou everyone for your support! I’m amazed to have over 1k hits on my art blog!! 🤩

With love,


~* I added WIP art pieces that accompany the final portrait of Sakon-kun here, along with some BTS info, and the speed-paint art video I recorded.*~

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Sakon of the Eternity clan, a group of chivalrous ninja-thieves, from my story, Soul of Eternity, inspired by my old Soul Calibur fanfic novel series.

Edit – August 24th, 2021 – I found these WIP art pieces of Sakon-kun in my art folders:

So… as you can see, Sakon-kun started off with black hair – this is cos the Sakon he is adapted from in Soul Calibur IV has black hair, but as I was working on this art piece, I became inspired by Hidehiko Hoshino of BUCK-TICK (who resembles SCIV Sakon, and dyes his hair chestnut brown), and Sam Winchester from Supernatural (who is a brunette too) – these were my two crushes at the time I was rewriting my SC fanfics into an original series, so you get the picture of where I was coming from…

I was going to give Sakon-kun the name “Jared” after Sam’s actor…

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25 hits til 1st Kiriban at 1k hits + Personal update

Whomever is the first to send me a screen shot of my art blog at 1000 hits (or the closest number to 1000 after 1k hits) will win my 1st Kiriban, which is a free art request! E-mail me at with your screen shot, thanks!

Now for a brief personal update: you may have noticed I’ve “spammed” a lot of art-related updates to my art blog these past few days – well, that’s because we’re getting hit by a hurricane tomorrow here in New England, and there are anticipated power outages which may take a few days to restore.

This happened last August too, and we were out of power for three days. So I wanted to make up for it in advance with plenty of updates to enjoy in the meantime!

With love,