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Steven at Sunset

My SI, Sha’s first boyfriend, Steven, at sunset – I drew this around Christmastime 2018, using Steven’s Sim for reference, from The Sims 4, I think. I have a lot of Sims 4 screenshots of our OCs. Too bad I can’t play it anymore; my laptop is outdated. Maybe I should try out my new work laptop? It might work there… Hm.

Anyway, I laughed when people recognised Steven’s Android 17 influence on Discord. I had shown a WIP there as I worked on him on Saturday during the community meetup at PaperDemon, where I work for now. I had also livestreamed working on this art piece, as well, and finished another WIP of Steven’s vampyre past life, James, which I’ll save for Halloween.

I don’t know what else to say – I just really love Steven, okay?! πŸ§‘

Sha and Falco

This is me/my SI, Sha Pris Amaranth, formerly known as “Sha Aria-Ann Agate” as you can see on my notes I wrote when I was 18 and first drew this sketch of my SI with her pet bird, Falco, named after the StarFox character, and also inspired by a male friend I had at the time. I woulda erased the notes, but none of them are canon anymore anyway, so it doesn’t really matter, and is fun to see the differences there were! Sha still adopts Grace, and still receives Falco as a gift from The Howard. We will probably rename Falco by the time we get around to publishing our webcomics, though. This is just a prototype, hehe. So, yeah, I did this sketch when I was 18, and Rob was saying to me, “Did you imagine you’d be colouring your hair blue all these years later?” since the blue hair/wash out dyes are a recent addition to my SI, heh! I want to thank my dear friend, Miriam-chan, for hanging out with me on my livestreams when I worked on this yesterday and today. I decided to colour this old sketch of my SI with her pet bird cos of the Biweekly Art Challenge on PaperDemon’s prompt being your OC with their pet . . . I’m a day late though, but oh well – I did get the item to re-visit an old Biweekly Art Challenge from the PD Birthday Sale anyway, so I can use that to get points for the PaperDemon Art RPG! =^.^=

Sha x Jokul ice cream

My SI, Sha, being playful with one of her boyfriends named Jokul Frosti. He’s a Jack Frost type sprite, so the ice cream doesn’t actually affect him – they’re both cold, heh. Still, Sha teases him anyhow, and makes a lot of cold-and-ice jokes around him before he realises she likes him – he’s slow like that. This is supposed to be a Summertime scene inspired by The Notebook, one of my favourite romance movies, while the background comes from Clip Studio Paint Pro. I did this between taking an old sketch from my sketchbook to colours in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 to shading and the background in Clip Studio Paint Pro. I also livestreamed this yesterday, and my dear friend, Miriam-chan, showed up to support me, which was nice. Sha and Jokul are a cute couple, but have a complicated history before they do date later on. Jokul is supposed to appear in The Runaway Shadow by Micky first, before he reappears in MQ (or whatever we’ll re-title it to) with Sha and her brothers.

Sha for the PaperDemon Art RPG

This is my second OC for the PaperDemon Art RPG (she’s me as a cartoon character).

Character Name: Alexandria “Sha” Pris Amaranth.

Character Age: 30.

Character Species: Human-faerie hybrid.

Hair colour: Changes colours with wash-out dyes; however, the base colour is bleached blonde with dark roots.

Eye colour: Amber brown.

Sha was born to Donna and Heath Amaranth in Ireland before moving to the East Wood Island of the Wood Islands archipelago, where fae folk are common among humans. Sha herself is descended from Irish faeries through her mother, inheriting a healing ability that has led her to become a nurse at the police station where her two brothers work. Her long-time suitor, Steven Gayle, a former boyfriend of hers, is forever by her side, even through her various relationships with bad men, which seem to be her preferred type. Sha eventually marries Leopold Florel, unaware that he and his adoptive daughter, Amy, are vampyres. While Sha is one of three stars in our main story in our upcoming webcomic universe, here she joins her stepdaughter in the Paperverse!

Way Back Wednesday: Art vs. Artist 2018

I put this together three years ago (September 5th, 2018 according to properties) … My brothers are right – my artwork looked much better in the past, before my depressive psychosis fully developed, and I lost concentration on the simplest of tasks. I just need to discipline myself to make more art, and actually spend more time on each art piece as well, instead of doing everything at the deadline, or in a couple of hours before I can’t focus anymore. πŸ˜…


Hello #artvsartist2021 😘 My names Sha! Short for Alexandria. Tis Russian. I’m not. Well, except for a wee bit, way way wayyy back. πŸ™ƒ I’m an aspiring #webcomicartist I mostly draw character designs and romantic couples, cos I’m a girl, and that’s what girls do. πŸ˜‰ Hopeless romantic, that I am! Anyway I’m a fan and writer of #gothicfiction and #darkfantasy so expect that in my forecast. πŸ‘©πŸΌβ€πŸŽ¨πŸŽ¨
Oh yes and before I forget – I’m part of art team @tealightstories with Mikau @octobernocturne Robert @timewillcrawl94 and Matthew @villanimatthew – I’m the #artdirector for the record. ο‘©οΌβ€οŽ€

(My description was originally written for Instagram – I’m LunarArtist_Alexandria on there, and will edit in proper tags when I go on my laptop laters.)

Belle-mere’s Life-day

Amy Belle Florel (redhead) with her β€˜belle-mere’ (French for ‘stepmum’ – Amy is French American), Sha Pris Amaranth Florel (who is my main avatar in the Tealight universe). Today happens to be my 31st life-day, shared with my avatar who also has the same name and everything as I do~ πŸ’– 

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So the sketch comes from my 2016 sketchbook based on a photo-manip of Emilie Autumn and Amy Lee from Evanescence (my role model), and was coloured in Clip Studio Paint Pro with final touches done in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 at Micky’s suggestion I don’t be afraid to “go darker with the shadows” – I used to use this ‘technique’ in Photoshop when I did my gothic inspired artwork in 2009, then from 2010 onwards I had gone for more of a ‘pastel look’ . . . think I wanna go back to the gothic look, as our stories are dark in nature as gothic novels are. So thankyou very much, Micky! :3 πŸ’–