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SS Giftart for me: Karaoke Occult Trio

Juri, Koto and Ruka (aka the “Occult Trio”) from Yu Yu Hakusho enjoying a night of karaoke – makes me miss my karaoke days, haha! =^w^= πŸ’š

This was my gift from Discord user, dillydally, as part of the Secret Santa event hosted by YYH-Revival.

I love my girlies, so I am very happy with this! πŸ’š

p.s. Ruka is my brother Mikau’s babe, and he said this was “so cool!” when I showed him. =^_^= πŸ’š

Sha & Amy – Art Commissions by Alexa

I saw my good friend, Alexa, was open for art commissions on Twitter, and decided to commission her to draw my SI, Sha, and my fictional stepdaughter, Amy. I’m very happy with them! Alexa has an unique and gorgeous art style, as well as is an absolute doll to work with. =^w^= πŸ’š

(This is actually my first time commissioning someone to do artwork for me, before this has just been art requests and trades, etc.)

Here are the sketches and line art WIP pieces:

And the time lapses of Alexa working on each piece!

Up first is Amy:

And then there’s Sha:

2020: Hidehiko Hoshino x me by Miriam

For White Day (a second Valentine’s Day in Japan on March 14th) 2020, my good friend, Miriam, drew me and my crush from BUCK-TICK, Hidehiko Hoshino, based on a dream she had of us. I call him Hidebear, and I go by Yuri-kun (particularly as a cosplayer, since I cosplay a boy most of the time, also named Yuri), while my other family pet name Nabi is on my blouse.

Scanned version:

2018: Secret Santa – Karasu x me by Susie

So, on PaperDemon most years, we have the Secret Santa art exchange… Susie aka BogusRed got me in 2018, and my request was me x Karasu from Yu Yu Hakusho, who I was really in love with at the time. She decided to go with me removing Karasu’s mask for the first time to see his face, and him being unsure of whether he can trust me or not.