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#Inktober2016 prompt #5: “Sad”

My description on my old art blog /// Instagram:

Sakon watches over his younger friend, Sha-Mina, as she sleeps on the floor in one of the many hallways in the clan’s temple. They might argue quite a bit, but she will never know how much that stubborn boy truly cares. He meant it when he said he’d protect her from the nightmares. ♡ 

 From my upcoming webcomic series, #SoulOfEternity.

#Inktober2016 prompt #4: “Hungry”

As I wrote on my old art blog /// Instagram:

Jung Sha-Mina feeding a stray kitten outside her clan’s temple. The foreign biracial girl was raised in Korea, so she refers to all cats affectionately as “Nabi”, even after her abduction to Japan. 

From my upcoming Drama//Adventure webcomic series, #SoulOfEternity.

#Inktober2016 prompt #2: “Noisy”

I wrote this on my old art blog and Instagram page:

Cheeky scenario featuring sensible Tomoe and restless Sha-Mina, two of the few girls in the #EternityClan, and #originalcharacters from my upcoming #webcomic, #SoulOfEternity. 

Being my #SoulAvatar, Sha-Mina is as whimsical and rebellious, having the attention span of a moth – Tomoe’s English lessons go right over the younger one’s head. 

Note Tomoe’s “I’m tired of your BS” face! 😹😹😹 

{Oh, and that’s Sha-Mina’s headband around her neck.}