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Hate (warning: blood/self-mutilation)

Okay, I said I’d post this for Halloween, but I didn’t… Heah. πŸ₯Ί

This is James, who is the vampyre past life incarnation of Steven. He originated in a RPG on GaiaOnline, which is the inspiration for Midnight Truce: Fate of the Impaler, which we’ll work on… someday. He has “HATE” etched into his hand here. I drew the original sketch when I was 19 and angsty in 2009, and came back to colour it when I was in a similar angsty mood in October, haha.

Way Back Wednesday: Art vs. Artist 2018

I put this together three years ago (September 5th, 2018 according to properties) … My brothers are right – my artwork looked much better in the past, before my depressive psychosis fully developed, and I lost concentration on the simplest of tasks. I just need to discipline myself to make more art, and actually spend more time on each art piece as well, instead of doing everything at the deadline, or in a couple of hours before I can’t focus anymore. πŸ˜…

Art therapy: Social Anxiety

My therapy homework – the social worker said I could visualize, write or draw about myself in social settings to help combat my social anxiety (since I’m refusing to go outside on my own again… 😬) so here I am on the arts street with a peach iced tea from Hyrule Market (which is what we call the marketplace there) since I said I wanna be able to go there on my own someday… hopefully soon!! 😁


This is for PaperDemon’s week-long challenge; the prompt is, “Dream, or nightmare” – this is a nightmare I had when I was young. . . there was a circle of raven-headed robed figures passing around a crystal ball. . . I was paralyzed as I watch them pass it around. . . when it came my turn to hold the crystal ball, I woke up in terror. :<