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2016: The Drummer as Herb Overkill

As I wrote on my old art blog:

The Drummer as Herb Overkill. 

Cos that fox, Herb, looks like a certain stupid face I know. u.u’ ♡

Did this back in August, right after watching the Minions movie. Herb and Scarlet, surprisingly, have a very healthy love relationship for a fictional couple! Kudos to that. ♡

Oh, anyone who truly knows me, knows that I’m referring to David.

The Drummer for The Cars.

I’ve only hero-worshiped the guy since I was, like, barely twenty. u.u;

I wasn’t kidding, by the way – take a look at my reference screenshot.

Herb even has the same cool laid-back, carefree attitude as David! Also projects the same misconception of being easy-going, yet in actuality, is sooo complex underneath. {FYI, Herb’s a devoted husband, a fashionista, *and* a mad scientist.}

And, I would know.

I’ve read every interview, article, watched every video, and only had to talk with him on occasion for the past six or so years, thanks to my fan page about the guy ~ u.u

I barely ever have time to spend on fan art, so enjoy this rarity ~ ♡

Happy Christmas

I drew this for Christmas, 2016. This is David Ravenson and his pet fox, Ruby. They’re characters in my upcoming webcomic, Soul of Eternity, which I hope I’ll be publishing online within this decade. Ravenson is a homage to The Cars drummer, David Robinson, who I am in touch with over fb thanks to my fanpage dedicated to his music and art, while Ruby is inspired by my favourite Pokemon, Vulpix. :3 ♡

Edit – August 21st, 2021 – I found this description from my old art blog:

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a Happy New Year! n.n ♡

Featuring David Ravenson, and his red vixen, Ruby. They both appear much later on in one of my webcomics, Soul of Eternity.

He is totally not a drummer, and she is totally not a fire type Pokémon. ;P

+WIP pix:

Ric Ocasek – into the Great Goodnight

Since we discovered The Cars in August 2010, Ric Ocasek has been Micky’s personal hero and role model, someone he both wanted to be like, as well as meet one day. We talked about how we’d love to work with Ric and The Cars! That’s how inspirational they are to us. I am grateful his passing was peacefully of natural causes, and he was surrounded by his family. The Great Goodnight will take care of Ric x 💜