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A Birthday Tribute to Steven (4th June 2o1o)

I made this 11 years ago for Steven’s birthday, featuring characters associated with him like Android 17, Hwoarang/Iron, Yun-seong, etc. and I’m his girl, Seong Mi-Na! 💚 

 My penname at the time was Saria Necile aka Sallie for short, as a sort of play off of how my friends called me Allie short for Alexandria, my birth name. 

 A fun coincidence is that one of our songs is “I think we’re alone now” by Tiffany, and later we dedicated “Kiss you all over” by Exile to one another to eventually find out that Tiffany covered it! 😀

2004: Nijuukyuu x Juunanagou

So once upon a time I used to roleplay DragonBall Z with my brothers and Steven – I was Nijuukyuu, aka Android 29, and Steven was Juunanagou, aka Android 17. I guess our romantic relationship started at a very, very young age – I was only 14, and Steven was 16! {Thought I was going to say 17, didn’t you? Tehe!}