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Way Back Wednesday: Art vs. Artist 2018

I put this together three years ago (September 5th, 2018 according to properties) … My brothers are right – my artwork looked much better in the past, before my depressive psychosis fully developed, and I lost concentration on the simplest of tasks. I just need to discipline myself to make more art, and actually spend more time on each art piece as well, instead of doing everything at the deadline, or in a couple of hours before I can’t focus anymore. ๐Ÿ˜…

Evening Sun

Sha and Barley enjoying the sunset. โค

These two are dear childhood friends, and grew up together, although Barley is much older than he appears, being half-elven.

Sha was smitten as a kitten with Bartholomew, and once kissed him. Barley, however, told her that she was too young to understand ‘love’. Despite this, the two remained good friends afterwards. :aww: