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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day from CTM!

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, my good peeps! =^^= πŸ’œ This drawing was mostly for practice of getting used to Clip Studio Paint, which is still new to me. ^^; It was originally intended for White Day, which is the second Valentine’s Day in Japan, where boys give their sweethearts white gifts – so here, Tsubasa “Eric” Hoshino presents Sha Amaranth with a white rose. =^.^= πŸ’œ

The Kiss of Death

Christmas Eve 2018 (3) 5
. . . or,Β ‘The Art of Seduction’Β by the rogue Death Keeper of suicides, Dr. Crow; seen here with the youthful,Β naΓ―ve Spring Guardian, Sha. β™‘

The art was a combination of scanning the sketch, then colouring it in Adobe Photoshop Elements 5.0 with the background and a few extras coming from Clip Studio Paint. :3

Karasu x me – o36

I found a new couple dollie maker, and went for a Eric Draven look for Karasu, and a Pris Stratton look for me; in other words, our kindred spirits from my favourite films being The Crow and Blade Runner {I also gave Karasu’s actor the name Eric, after Brandon Lee from The Crow, in our Once Upon A Time-inspired doujinshi, as well as throwing the Crow, inspired from my experience with him, into our Dark Fantasy webcomic series with the nickname Eric again – speaking of nicknames, most of my friends in the art community have known me as Pris since 2008, so that’s been my nickname for a decade now}. =^.^= πŸ’œ
Made at Rinmaru Games this past month of August, 2018. πŸ’œ