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Vietnam Brothel – wip

For PaperDemon’s week-long challenge – I drew Kiriko in a Vietnam brothel; I imagine Kiriko to be a very sexual being, but here we see him in a melancholy mood, shortly after losing his eye. All the sketches of Kiriko and Yuri I’ve done for the challenge thus far have been in a sepia-tone, but I chose a blue tone for this one to reflect Kiriko feeling blue. He’s supposed to be looking out at the rain {another reason I chose blue}.

Annoying – wip

The fourth prompt and day of PaperDemon’s week-long challenge – I redrew a scene from the manga where Yuri and Kiriko are arguing with one another, when Yuri asked Black Jack to help save Kiriko’s life from the amoeba that he had; Kiriko is such a strong advocate for Death that he was willing to die all alone away from society, but Yuri wouldn’t let him.