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First portrait of Yeong-Su

Today, my good friend, Steven, turns 29-years-old {30 in his Korean age system} – Steven is one of my closest friends I’ve known ever since a young age, and is one of my friends with whom my brothers and I often write and roleplay with. When we used to write our old fantasy series with each of us as ‘seasonal magicians’ in the story, our friends Steven and Matthew were part of the supporting cast. Just silly fun. So, when I asked Steven if he’d like to appear in current stories I’m working on, including a revival of an old Soul Calibur fan fic series adapted into an original one, Steven said, ‘Cool.’ – This was a portrait from February that I did using Steven for reference to draw his SC character for my webcomic, Yeong-Su. 😺 ♡

Thankyou for taking the time to look at my art! 😺