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Which OC is most like me?

Re topic-of-the-day☀ on the PaperDemon Art RPG Discord server: Which OC is most like you?

I have five SI (self insert) OCs – Sha from our main webcomic, Carnation from another, Sara from yet another, Kagemitsu who started off as a Soul Calibur fanfic character now in her own original series, and Yuri who is my SI in the Yu Yu Hakusho fandom.

Sha, and Yuri, are very much like I am in my dreams; they’re more “wishful thinking” OCs, that I’d like to be like, one day maybe.

Carnation is mostly my opposite, tbh. And is the closest thing to an ex that Sha’s husband, Leopold (Amy-Belle’s father), has.

Kage is what I was like as an angsty teenager, lol. Her and Sara are the youngest of my SI OCs.

Sara is docile, shy even timid, naive, agreeable, friendly, eager to please, and generally sees the good in others – she is the one most like the RL me, minus some of my negative traits I’m struggling with.

One More Night (versions 1 & 2) – Sakon-kun x Kage (Soul Calibur/Soul of Eternity)

So… in 2015, I made this greyscale vid of Sakon-kun and Ukon-san fighting Tira and her partner, with snippets of my OC, Kage, from Soul Calibur IV.

I kept this video private/unlisted on my channel since then, until just this morning I decided it’d be cool to put it on Tiktok (for some random reason – been in a Sakon-kun mood lately), and I edited it to have my favourite effect being “Neon” (makes it all rainbow-y/rave-y).

Here’s version 1 and version 2, as seen on YouTube:

Which one do you like better? Do you prefer something with colour, or do you enjoy the noir style of greyscale videos?

Funny thing about that, my Gramma, bless her soul in Heaven, said she always dreamt in black and white like the movies she’d watch.

Thanks for watching! 💚

#Inktober2016 prompt #5: “Sad”

My description on my old art blog /// Instagram:

Sakon watches over his younger friend, Sha-Mina, as she sleeps on the floor in one of the many hallways in the clan’s temple. They might argue quite a bit, but she will never know how much that stubborn boy truly cares. He meant it when he said he’d protect her from the nightmares. ♡ 

 From my upcoming webcomic series, #SoulOfEternity.

#Inktober2016 prompt #4: “Hungry”

As I wrote on my old art blog /// Instagram:

Jung Sha-Mina feeding a stray kitten outside her clan’s temple. The foreign biracial girl was raised in Korea, so she refers to all cats affectionately as “Nabi”, even after her abduction to Japan. 

From my upcoming Drama//Adventure webcomic series, #SoulOfEternity.

#Inktober2016 prompt #2: “Noisy”

I wrote this on my old art blog and Instagram page:

Cheeky scenario featuring sensible Tomoe and restless Sha-Mina, two of the few girls in the #EternityClan, and #originalcharacters from my upcoming #webcomic, #SoulOfEternity. 

Being my #SoulAvatar, Sha-Mina is as whimsical and rebellious, having the attention span of a moth – Tomoe’s English lessons go right over the younger one’s head. 

Note Tomoe’s “I’m tired of your BS” face! 😹😹😹 

{Oh, and that’s Sha-Mina’s headband around her neck.} 

Pet Fox

This is David Ravenson and Kagemitsu {Jung Sha-Mina} with Ruby, who is David’s pet fox. Kage, a ninja and thief, is undercover here as a maid working for the Ravensons – David doesn’t realise this, and comes to fall in love with the young maid {Kage returns his feelings, despite her mission}. This was initially for PaperDemon’s OC-tober prompt, “An OC with a pet” – it took me a long time to finish this, since I was also working on other art pieces and busy with appointments in my personal life.

A Moment to Relax

This is Yorihisa and Kagemitsu {Jung Sha-Mina} from my upcoming webcomics; Yorihisa has his own webcomic which I’m hoping to publish this year, and Kage first appears in a webcomic that I’ll publish afterwards {hopefully by next year}, although they don’t meet until the webcomic after that one {in two-three years from now}. . . so that’s three webcomics I’m working on by myself, all connected to one another. The first two are oneshots, and the third {where they meet} will be an ongoing series. 😀

Yorihisa is a stoic samurai, and Kage is his naive young friend who is also a fighter; they make an unlikely pair, but come to travel together often, although Yorihisa doesn’t remember her name, and only refers to her as “girl”, whereas Kage looks forward to the rice that Yorihisa treats her to every night. =^.^= 💜

This is actually one of my older sketches, from my 2009 sketchbook; I coloured this in Clip Studio Paint. 💜