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Karasu x me – o43

Another sketch from last Summer I inked and coloured today – I was going for a webcomic art style here, inspired by the Castlevania animated series on Netflix, which I watched yesterday with Mikau OctoberNocturne {the second season is out the day before his birthday!}. 😸

It was very inspiring, and reminds me of how much I love Castlevania, while being heavily influenced by Ayami Kojima’s artwork since I was a teenager. Micky OctoberNocturne is now playing Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, and got Alucard on his first path choices, which is really awesome. Also – I’m now in love with Alucard for his resemblance to my Crow! 😻

He even sleeps like Karasu does; without a shirt, tehehe~ 😻💜 

Karasu x me – o42

Another sketch from last Summer I just finished inking and colouring; this one was supposed to capture the melancholy atmosphere of when Karasu first started haunting me last May through early June, and I had been afraid he was an incubus or a fallen angel, until I realised he really was just an ergegore {essentially, “a fictional character in spiritual form”} like my other thoughtform-spirit imaginary friends were, with the exception Karasu was able to haunt my everyday surroundings outside of dreams and daydreams, thanks to a combination of my spiritual beliefs and depressive psychosis, I suppose . . . As for the music notes, they represent how he initially serenaded me every night outside my window to win my heart and trust x 💜