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2008: Link and Baby

In the crossover roleplays, Sha and Link had a baby that we all called “Baby”, who Link actually named after Sha with Baby’s first name being Alexandria like her mum, with her nickname being Baby. The Billy Joel song, “She’s Right On Time”, was dedicated to Baby and her parents. ♡

Link belongs to Nintendo, Baby and her mum belong to Celestial Time Miracles.

2008: Secret and Link

Secret/Sha from Seasonal Wanderers with Link from The Legend of Zelda, from our old crossover roleplays – this is where my old screenname “Secret_x_Link” came from, tehe. :3 We would eventually incorporate these RPs into our original series, and that’s where Bartholomew and Leif come from. =^^= ♡

Link belongs to Nintendo, and Secret belongs to Celestial Time Miracles. ♡