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2016: Raphael versus Mitsurugi | Soul Calibur’s 20th Anniversary

I wrote this description on my old art blog:

Both of these guys were important characters in my SC fanfic series back in 2009; the same one that’s being rewritten for an original Soul Calibur-inspired webcomic series that I’ve been working on over the Summer.

Ironic but typical that Namco would set these two against one another, when they mean so much to me, right? n.n’ … As tough as it is going to be to say this, I have no doubt in my mind that Mitsurugi would be the victor.

From my view, Mitsurugi has the advantage due to being inspired by a real life person who never once lost a duel, as well as that given he is still alive and well by SCV, he hasn’t ever lost a battle, because losing would mean Death — that is the samurai way.

Besides, Raphael wasn’t even able to get the upper hand on the 21-year-old girl, Cassandra, when he stole her fragment of Soul Edge — how could he stand a chance against Mitsurugi?😛

In honour of my two favourites, here is my WIP poster of their battle —

A very special thanks to my twin, @octobernocturne, for coming up with the poses, and being my de facto director in how this battle scene plays out! n_n ♡

2009: Forbidden Kiss

I found and added the original vignette that went with this art piece!

Wildflower - Alexandria's Art Blog

My homemade Soul Calibur OC, Sha-mitsu, kissing Raphael whom she has mistaken for her first master and falls in love with~ =^///^= 💜 This is supposed to be after Raphael fought Sha-mitsu’s new master, Yoshimitsu. I originally had a short drabble that went with this piece, but it’s been years since I last uploaded this that I can’t find it or remember much of it anymore. :<

Update (August 10th, 2021): I found the original vignette from 2009 that went with this art piece! Here tis:

The night was dark, and silent, with only the lumination from the streetlamps lighting the long road ahead. A young girl from Japan, stood looking at the older Frenchman before her.

Sha-mitsu had seen this man before in battle against her master, Yoshi-san; and followed him out into the night, where he seemed to be suspicious, and almost hostile, as he turned to face…

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