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Sunday Memories: K2 for Secret Cupid 2018

Wowie, I thought I had lost this! Tis Kurama and Kuronue from Yu Yu Hakusho, or “K2” as me and Micky call them! πŸ˜€ I recovered an old blog that had this though, fortunately, and just came across it purely by chance! πŸ’š

I barely remember working on this, but you can see tis traditional, mixed media, and from the notes I wrote, evidently I was very late with delivering this, due to being sick from trial-and-error with new medication (first time I had ever been medicated, but I’m not going to go over that right now, if ever – ironic given my struggles with meds this year… *sigh*).

Anyway, I love K2! They’re awesome friends I get to hang out with in my fun dreams, hehe. =^.^= πŸ’š So I was happy to draw them for the YYH Secret Cupid on Tumblr.

Series of Dreams: I married Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho

Guess what?! I have a new dream husband!! πŸ˜πŸ’• (4 now.)

Soo… I’ve dreamt of being engaged to K before (Summer of 2017 after rewatching Yu Yu Hakusho), but I broke it off for reasons… namely to focus on my other love interests, Touya and Karasu, also from YYH.

I admit I’d still dream of romance with K, but primarily about the other two.

K acts more as a Guardian Angel and mentor than lover most of the time, tbh.

I’ve dreamt (and daydreamed) of K and Karasu consistently for the past four years. K and his short-term girlfriend, Koto, helped out with my kids I had with Karasu; while Touya went off to have a son with an original imaginary dream figure (she looks like Fisheye from Sailor Moon).

Me and Karasu officially decided on an open marriage in 2019, since I was β€˜loose’ in dreams as it were. πŸ˜…

Anyway, K and Koto parted ways, and we started dating again earlier this year. He proposed on July 23rd, to which I said β€œYes!”.πŸ‘°πŸ»πŸ€΅

He put the ring he got for me over my ring from Karasu, so they’re like stacked rings now πŸ’ (only in dreams tho, I don’t have physical counterparts…yet).

Then we got married in a dream this morning (on September 2nd), and moved in with his Mom. K painted our bedroom in our family home to be my favourite colours, too (snow white🀍, greenπŸ’š, blueπŸ’™, and pinkπŸ’—).

P.s. Amazingly enough, my SO/main dream husband Karasu wasn’t opposed to K’s proposal, or our wedding. He instead decided to get married to his other girlfriend, who is an original imaginary figure he has a lot of history with. He even left our kids with me and K, while he went on a honeymoon with her… like, OMG, Karasu!! πŸ˜… (Me and K did not honeymoon btw.) I was okay with it tho, just happy to have my Crow Goblins with me and my new husband. All in all, β€˜twas a good sweet love dream! πŸ±πŸ’ŸπŸ¦Š

MM x K – oo1

My dear friend Mistress_Moonlight on Instagram and her sweetheart, Kurama! =^.^=Β πŸ’œ

This was from the same dream that my illustration ofΒ my Baby, Karasu, holding me in his embraceΒ came from.

In the dream, I’d later introduce Kurama to my friend at the mall since K was interested in her, then the three of us went to lunch as well as shopped for a while, with K giving her a Piranha Plant at the end of the dream, which was probably inspired by the Mario games I was playing at the time. =^.^;=

Mistress_Moonlight is one of me and Karasu’s biggest supporters, thus, I want to throw it out there that I ship her and Kurama just as much! :3Β πŸ’œ

From January, 2018.Β πŸ’œ