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Steven at Sunset

My SI, Sha’s first boyfriend, Steven, at sunset – I drew this around Christmastime 2018, using Steven’s Sim for reference, from The Sims 4, I think. I have a lot of Sims 4 screenshots of our OCs. Too bad I can’t play it anymore; my laptop is outdated. Maybe I should try out my new work laptop? It might work there… Hm.

Anyway, I laughed when people recognised Steven’s Android 17 influence on Discord. I had shown a WIP there as I worked on him on Saturday during the community meetup at PaperDemon, where I work for now. I had also livestreamed working on this art piece, as well, and finished another WIP of Steven’s vampyre past life, James, which I’ll save for Halloween.

I don’t know what else to say – I just really love Steven, okay?! πŸ§‘

A Birthday Tribute to Steven (4th June 2o1o)

I made this 11 years ago for Steven’s birthday, featuring characters associated with him like Android 17, Hwoarang/Iron, Yun-seong, etc. and I’m his girl, Seong Mi-Na! πŸ’š 

 My penname at the time was Saria Necile aka Sallie for short, as a sort of play off of how my friends called me Allie short for Alexandria, my birth name. 

 A fun coincidence is that one of our songs is β€œI think we’re alone now” by Tiffany, and later we dedicated β€œKiss you all over” by Exile to one another to eventually find out that Tiffany covered it! πŸ˜€

Steven x Sha

Steven and Sha – this one was drawn in November 2019, and coloured today, the day after Valentine’s Day. It has a funny story behind it – so my Bros won’t let me snack unless if I do chores or artwork, so one night we were having tacos and chips, and Micky said I had better draw something if I wanted to have chips with tacos, so I did this quick sketch of Steven and Sha! :D πŸ’œ

Also I decided to change the forest faerie green in Sha’s hair to sky blue since that’s what I’m gonna do with my hair in real life, dye it blue and let the natural brunette grow in over it.