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One More Night (versions 1 & 2) – Sakon-kun x Kage (Soul Calibur/Soul of Eternity)

So… in 2015, I made this greyscale vid of Sakon-kun and Ukon-san fighting Tira and her partner, with snippets of my OC, Kage, from Soul Calibur IV.

I kept this video private/unlisted on my channel since then, until just this morning I decided it’d be cool to put it on Tiktok (for some random reason – been in a Sakon-kun mood lately), and I edited it to have my favourite effect being “Neon” (makes it all rainbow-y/rave-y).

Here’s version 1 and version 2, as seen on YouTube:

Which one do you like better? Do you prefer something with colour, or do you enjoy the noir style of greyscale videos?

Funny thing about that, my Gramma, bless her soul in Heaven, said she always dreamt in black and white like the movies she’d watch.

Thanks for watching! πŸ’š


Ukon and Sakon of the Eternity clan, a group of chivalrous ninja-thieves, from my story, Soul of Eternity, inspired by my old Soul Calibur fanfic novel series.

Edit – August 21st, 2021 – I found this description from my old art blog:

Ukon and Sakon! n_n β™‘

Two of my favourites to write, and draw {especially Ukon}!

Ukon, on the left {stern look}, is Puck’s right-hand man, and next to him is his brother-in-arms, Sakon {with the unkempt hair}, who is Puck’s left-hand man {I suppose this makes him the third-in-command?} β€” the both of whom are Puck’s confidants.

Those who already know I’m taking my old Soul Calibur//Manjitou fanfic novels and rewriting them into an original on-going webcomic series will recognise these two as Ukon and Sakon who travel with Yoshimitsu from Soul Calibur IV β€” you can even play as Ukon to help Yoshi-san out!πŸ˜€

So why haven’t I changed their names?

Well, as it were, β€œUkon” and β€œSakon” are actually such titles for a {military} samurai leader’s second-in-command men; thus, no problems with keeping their β€œnames” the same, especially since it’s just for a webcomic.

For those wondering about these guys β€” Ukon is the older one, and the both of them have been with Puck ever since he formed the Eternity clan.

The younger warrior Sakon is quiet, but reckless, and prefers to fight than talk, as opposed to the intellectual, level-headed Ukon who looks after Sakon; and later Puck’s assistant, Sha-Mina, when she joins the clan, as if they were his own younger brother and sister.

Ukon faces a grave danger later on in the series that ultimately changes his life forever; whilst Sakon foolishly falls head-over-heels in love with his master’s apprentice, Sha-Mina {who is blissfully unaware of his feelings}, much to the over-protective Puck’s disapproval.

Both of them train new members of the Eternity clan.