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A Moment to Relax

This is Yorihisa and Kagemitsu {Jung Sha-Mina} from my upcoming webcomics; Yorihisa has his own webcomic which I’m hoping to publish this year, and Kage first appears in a webcomic that I’ll publish afterwards {hopefully by next year}, although they don’t meet until the webcomic after that one {in two-three years from now}. . . so that’s three webcomics I’m working on by myself, all connected to one another. The first two are oneshots, and the third {where they meet} will be an ongoing series. πŸ˜€

Yorihisa is a stoic samurai, and Kage is his naive young friend who is also a fighter; they make an unlikely pair, but come to travel together often, although Yorihisa doesn’t remember her name, and only refers to her as “girl”, whereas Kage looks forward to the rice that Yorihisa treats her to every night. =^.^= πŸ’œ

This is actually one of my older sketches, from my 2009 sketchbook; I coloured this in Clip Studio Paint. πŸ’œ