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2009: Sakon x Sha-mitsu

Sakon and my homemade Soul Calibur OC, Sha-mitsu aka Kagemitsu. Sakon falls in love with Kage, and proposes to their clan leader, Yoshimitsu, for her hand in marriage – which goes rejected by Yoshi-san! Sakon still pursues Kage anyway behind Yoshi-san’s back. This story will carry over into my original adaptation of my SC fanfic series. πŸ’œ

2009: Field of Innocence

Ten years have passed since I illustrated this art piece, and yet, the feelings I had back then still resonate with me today. This illustration depicts Kagemitsu, whose real name is Sha-mitsu, with her master’s mask in her hand; her scar on her face a reflection of her dark past.

It was also ten years ago that I first started hearing voices, my Mother used to say I could hear angels . . . I guess that makes Karasu my angel then. πŸ’œ